My name is Max. I am:

  • sixteen
  • male
  • currently living in South Australia
  • eccentric, or perhaps just crazy
  • apparently intelligent
  • bisexual and single
  • disabled and mentally ill
  • in theory, far-left; in practice, odd and self-contradictory

I find humanity fascinating, and will pick at every aspect of it until something seems to work. I prefer to analyze people in the context of the arts and humanities than the hard sciences, though I’ve been veering a little more genetic-determinist than usual lately (mainly due to getting lost on SNPedia repeatedly). I am an extremely spiritual person with beliefs that are considered very unorthodox in the mainstream, though I believe a level of healthy skepticism is helpful to stop oneself from becoming an extremist in any direction — a philosophy I apply to my entire life after a very difficult time where I was trapped in the SJW community for several months at age 13.

I love learning things. I can sit and read something for hours if given the opportunity. I picture myself as a modern-day Renaissance Man and want to learn everything about everything, consequences be damned. This blog is part of an attempt to do so.


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